Welcome to my new blog!

I wanted to start with a short and sweet post to welcome you here to my new blog!  I am excited to begin with a clean slate and have great plans for what will be, hopefully, more regular posts. Whether you are a brand new reader or you have been following me on my former blog, (www.bdoodlez.blogspot.com) I am happy you have found your way here!  I plan on continuing to post about my designs, collections and a variety of artist stuff.  I also plan to begin blogging about my adventures in sewing as well!  Designing fabric has inspired me to start sewing more regularly (several times a week in fact) and I am loving getting back into that endeavor and improve my skills.  Diving into apparel design has been a big part of that and I am quickly finding that I really love making my own clothes!

I hope you enjoy it all and look forward to hearing your thoughts on all I create!



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